The English Ladder 1 Story Cards
Pack of 66

Cambridge University Press
The English Ladder 1 Story Cards
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The English Ladder is a four-level course designed to help pupils take their first steps in English. Based around the adventures of Freddie the frog and the Fantastic family, the course develops pupils' language skills through lively stories that can be acted out, valuable phonics practice, songs, tongue twisters, games and communication activities. These Level 1 Story Cards help review the stories in the Level 1 Pupil's Book in a dynamic way, exploring every unit's new language.


  • Format: 30.0x21.5cm
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  • Tytuł: The English Ladder 1 Story Cards
    Podtytuł: Pack of 66
    Autor: House Susan, Scott Katharine
    Producent: Cambridge University Press
    ISBN: 9781107400672
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    Rok wydania: 2016
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    Format: 30.0x21.5cm
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