Power Up 4 Posters

Cambridge University Press
Power Up 4 Posters
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Confident in learning. Confidence in life. Power Up is a brand new course from the bestselling author team of Caroline Nixon and Michael Tomlinson. It provides the perfect start to life's great adventure, creating 'future ready' learners who embrace life with confidence. Meet vibrant characters who students will love; foster collaboration through real-world missions; deepen learners social and cognitive skills; explore embedded exam preparation; and expand the skill-set ensuring everyone reaches their full potential.


  • Format: 59.4x84.0cm
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  • Tytuł: Power Up 4 Posters
    Autor: Nixon Caroline, Tomlinson Michael
    Producent: Cambridge University Press
    ISBN: 9781108430197
    Języki: angielski
    Rok wydania: 2018
    Format: 59.4x84.0cm
    Oprawa: Koperta
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